Sometimes size does matter!

You're not going to read about us in Ad Age magazine. We don't have a fancy high-rise office that overlooks a city. But these things aren't a bad thing.

You'll get a personal experience when you work with us. You can speak to our president or a designer if you wish. When dealing with Aluna Group, you can be assured that your project will not stay on the shelf and be forgotten about. If you're serious about a deadline, we'll coordinate with you to hit the mark.

Do you have a tight budget in this economy?
Aluna Group has lower hourly fees and project fees then most design shops around Minneapolis. We'll meet or be under your companies budget.

Passion! This probably is one of the most important advantages that Aluna offers over a big company. We enjoy checking out new trends even on the weekends and we're always looking for things that might improve a process.